Hotel Tatzlwurm in Wagrain

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Unfortunately, there are no available options based on your search criteria. You are, however, very welcome to fill out the form below and we will search for an option, which fits your criteria.

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The Hotel was established in 1968 and built in a nostalgic-Austrian style and even though it has seen many renovations and an addition in 2000 it has not lost any of its alpine charm. Here you'll experience traditional Austrian hospitality and that alpine charm that is so hard to come by today.

Since 2008 Hotel Tatzlwurm has been led by Jens Hegelund. Jens is originally from Denmark. When he first came to Austria, he instantly fell in love with the landscape and culture of Austria and has remained there ever after. His mission is to let his guests experience the alps, the wonderful landscape and culture just as he did. And maybe you'll fall in love as well.



Hotel Tatzlwurm is located in the beautiful province of Salzburg, in Wagrain im Pongau, and offers stunning views of the Austrian Alps.

The location of hotel Tatzlwurm is perfect for your ski holiday. The slopes reach almost to the hotel and within walking distance you will find the valley station of the Flying Mozart lift, which takes you up to the Griessenkareck to 1865 meters above sea level.

Hotel Tatzlwurm - skiing down to the hotel

Ski lift: 75 m
Pisten: 75 m
Water World Wagrain: 100 m
Wagrain center: 1000 m
Shopping: 400 m
Ski rental: 1000 m 

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The restaurant, like the hotel, is kept in a charming rustic Austrian style. We know how important the catering is for our guests, especially if they spend the whole day skiing. Our staff will make sure that our guests always feel right at home, meanwhile the kitchen staff prepares everything from traditional Austrian dishes to Italian specialties. Half board is included in the room rate.

In the morning 07:00 - 09:30 a fully breakfast provides enough energy for the day's skiing.

In the evening you will be pampered by our kitchen staff with a warm 3-course dinner. Dinner is served from 18:00 - 19:30 and 20:00 - 21:30.

Hotel Tatzlwurm - dinner in the restaurant

Our younger guests con choose their meal from the special children's menu and if required we can provide high chairs, so even our youngest guests can sit at the table.

Hotel Tatzlwurm restaurant





What could be better than to relax in the sauna after a day in the Alps?

Hotel Tatzlwurm - sauna


Ski locker

Convenient, easy and secure - Leave all your heavy equipment in our ski cellar and start every day with warm, dry feet.


Cellar bar

Apres Ski at the hotel! Celebrate every day in our cellar bar. Whether you're looking for a refreshing cold beer after a long day of skiing or want to party, our bar is the right one for you.

Hotel Tatzlwurm - cellar bar

Hotel Tatzlwurm - cellar bar



Wireless Internet access is free throughout the hotel. Speed and stability may vary depending on the number of users.


Check-in and check-out 

Check-in: 15:30 

Check-out: 09:30


The tale of Hotel Tatzlwurm

Hotel Tatzlwurm is named after the alpine mythical creature Tatzlwurm (or Tatzelwurm). This small relative of the common dragon is supposed to be around 50 to 200 inches long with a reptilian body, a head that resembles a lion and two front legs with big claws. They live in burrows and crevices and it is said that they can even burrow through solid rock. Tatzelwurms are extremely rare and are hardly ever seen, because they are very shy.

But the region around Wagrain with its mountain lakes, rugged cliffs and pristine nature is the ideal place to spot one. For Tatzelwurms hatch only when a cock lays a black egg in a lake, where it is hatched by the sun's heat.

The tale of Hotel Tatzlwurm


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The whole team is very pleased to welcome you.

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